Have you ever noticed that hurricanes leave mass destruction in their wake? They cause fear, pain, heartbreak, and many other emotions! Well a three year old is much like a hurricane when they are upset.

Today I experienced a hurricane that is best named Grace. She is adorable and sweet but man let me tell you when she gets upset it’s as if hell broke open and the whole underworld surfaced. Well I woke her up as if any other day she already had her cloths picked out all she had to do was put them on. At first all seemed fine then it began. “Caleb don’t I can do it myself. STOP!!!! Caleb!!! Miss. Marena Caleb won’t leave me alone!” I get in there with hopes of trying to calm the situation but Grace wasn’t having it. She wanted me to yell at her brother so he could be in trouble….For helping her. I guess maybe I should tell you why he was helping. Grace was trying to put her head in the arm hole.

So as the water rises with flooding from a hurricane I could see the anger rise in this cute little three year old. We finally went to eat breakfast and while I was in the kitchen making their lunch it started all over again. My patience was starting to wear thin and I just didn’t know how to control it. This time her anger was that her brother was looking at her. What I couldn’t get her to understand was why she was upset. They were sitting across from each other. Where else does he get to look? She wasn’t having it today. It was her way or the highway. I decided it was time to give Grace a break from people. So I let her eat breakfast in the kitchen. By the end of breakfast I could see a rainbow coming out from behind the clouds after a hurricane.

Here are my tips on how to calm a storm.

A. Talk smoothly/calmly

-They will understand more if you stay calm and don’t let anger show through.

B. Eye level

-It makes them think they are equal

C. Help them understand why they are wrong or what was really happening.

-“Grace Caleb wasn’t trying to make you upset. He just wanted to let you know your head was going to the wrong hole. I bet he thought you just couldn’t tell because your head was in the shirt”

D. Take the problem away.

-I had her brother go brush his teeth and allow her to relax.

My BIGGEST reminder is to have patience. They are kids and haven’t had the time to grow and understand like you and I. Plus admit it you have hurricane moments too. It’s a fact of life just like there are many hurricanes all around us.

Talk later,



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