Bridesmaid Wanted

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That’s what I wish I could do now that I’m planning my wedding. I came to realize I have very few people I call my friends and even fewer I fell comfortable asking to stand up in my wedding. When picking my bridesmaid I want friends who support, encourage, and love me. I want people who jump for joy when they find out I’m getting married.

I decided my sister, my cousin, and my sisters best friend (close to family been around for 10 years) are the three best people to in my bridal party. Now here is the tricky part. I still need two more ladies in my bridal party.

I decided my maid of honor should be a friend of mine that is honestly a new friendship. We have known each other since middle school but we’ve never really been friends till the last year when she came up to college where I am going. We have spent a lot of time together lately and she has moved in next to me. Sometimes I worry she won’t be a good maid of honor but then I realize we have been through a lot together in the last year. When I miss my fiance (he is in the military) I talk with her, or when she has a problem she talks to me. This has made our friendship grow.

This leaves me with one more bridesmaid position to fill. I thought about using a friend of mine from high school but my problem with that is we have grown apart.. The only time we talk is if I call or text her. She doesn’t call or text first.It hurts a lot so I just don’t know why I would want to ask her. Or should I? I’m just not sure.

Picking bridesmaids are hard. Any ideas on how to pick a bridesmaid?

Maybe I should ask my fiance’s sister but that means I will have 4 people under 18. Hmmmm….

Talk later,




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