What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Have you ever woke up feeling like a ton of bricks are just holding you down? You just want to lay in bed all day feeling miserable for yourself.

Well today I feel like every brick is breakimg into pieces poking at my heart and pulling my heart to the ground. You might ask why? What’s going on?

Well my boyfriend is home on leave but right now is visiting his parents. Don’t get me wrong that’s amazing, it’s just hard to know he is so close but not close enough. Then I’m thinking of how his next station is only 6 hour plane ride.

Well i decided I can’t spend more than a few minutes upset. I needed to pick myself up and keep going. That’s what you need too. Don’t lay around agonizing for hours. “Boohoo he’s not here.” That’s right he’s not so get everything done so when he is with you, there will be more time to spend with him.

You might say “But Marena it’s so hard to keep moving. ” Right you are! But that’s okay. The pain now makes you stronger and a better person. Separation makes the heart grow fonder. Be happy and excited for the times you two are together. Don’t dread about the day when you can look forward to the future.

So let’s do this together. Let’s get out of bed and enjoy our day.

And Remember!

What Doesnt Kill You -0AMakes You Stronger

Talk soon ,


P.S. This was a post from September 18, 2014. I didn’t realize I never posted it so I’m posting now


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