Maid of Honor?

I’m sure my best friend knows she is my maid of honor but I still want to ask her in a very special way. I’m so excited for Thursday morning to come so I can ask her. I found this cute box that I painted colors to match the personality of my bridal part. Kristen’s is hot pink. Then inside I’ll have a ring pop. So I’m basically going to propose to my bridal party. You know with out getting down on one knee that’s left for when they get engaged. 🙂

However I wanted to make it a little more personalized. To do this I decided to write letters to each person. I have loved writing the letters but I found it can be hard to come up with the perfect words. I really hope they enjoy the letters and even the boxes. My hope with the boxes is they can keep jewelry in it or anything that sparks their interest.

I found Kristen’s letter is the hardest to write. I want to thank her, share my feeling on our friendship, and so much more.The problem is I’m worried I am dragging on. (I worry I’m rambling with all my blogs, papers, and letters). I wish heart felt letters were not so hard.

I hope any of you planning a wedding enjoy’s the time. That includes asking your bridal party especially your Maid of Honor. It’s amazing no matter the stress of everything. I can’t wait for my wedding!

Talk Soon,



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