Do you Remer all those times you went to McDonald’s? It didn’t matter if you were a parent or a child some kind of argument took place.

Today as I sit here eating I got a kick out of a mom fighting with her little one to put her coat on. First she ran away then she decided to lay on the floor (probably dirty) being dead weight. Then her other daughter said she wanted a time out because she also didn’t want to leave.

After 30 minutes of fighting and one crying child later they have finally left the building. I wonder if my mom had this much trouble?

Knowing my sister and I it probably took my mom an hour to leave. I’m trying to put the blame on my sister and I but truthfully it was probably only me who fought. But what child wouldn’t fight leaving an indoor playground? Especially if you make new friends.

Well I still haven’t figured out why children would want to leave but I think I have an idea on why adults would want to. It’s so loud, all the noises echo. It wouldn’t surprise me if kids are hurting their gearing as they scream coming down the slide. Plus it’s so dirty. Do you think the play area gets cleaned? I sure hope so.

Well no matter the down side of McDonald’s I’m sure I’ll still bring my own children here. It’s a great place for them to be contained and entertained. It’ll give me a few minutes to eat warm food not cold food.

Talk Soon,



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