Family Relaxation!

Us girls (my sister, my cousin, and I) decides after a long day of turkey eating and card playing we needed a break. So that’s what we did.

This was a perfect time for us to catch up and have a little girl talk. I’ve been off at college and have loved getting to spend time with these two. I feel like I’ve missed so much.

My sweet baby sister is a freshman in high school with a boyfriend. Don’t get me started on my cousin, a girl I never thought would wear a dress is in her Junior year of high school loving dresses after so many years of hating them. It warms my heart to hear how great they are doing and to see how well they areally growing up. (It makes me feel old. I feel like it was just yesteady they came home from the hospital).

These girls are the two most amazing people I know. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Out of my whole family these two are the ones I hope I stay close with for as long as we’re alive.

I hope all of you have one or two family members you bond so well  with it feels like they are your best friend!

Talk Soon?




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