Birthday Expectations

As some of you may have saw yesterday was my birthday. I was so excited. But today I feel empty. Like there was nothing exciting to it.

I remember waking up every December 5th with family and presents and warmth that made me feel special. Yesterday I woke up alone and feeling empty. Like so much was missing. (It’s carried on to today).

I came home today (the day after my birthday) thinking everyone would hug me and ask how my birthday was. But no one did. My mom thought it’d be a great idea to take me shopping for what I wanted (it was a good idea) I just wish I could have unwrapped my present. I would have been happy with anything I got. The only thing I wanted was to open somethinh like I was still a little girl.

I’m not a little girl anymore so maybe this is a feeling I’ll just have to get over.

The thing I’m most upset about is we’re not having a traditional birthday dinner. My dad is too busy with work so it sounds, my sister has a dance, and I’m not sure about my mom. I would happy if at least my parents took me out for something special. Oh well.


Talk soon,


Happy 20th to me!


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