I decided not alll of you celebrate Christmas. Some may celebrate Hanukkah, some may celebrate some other holiday, while others don’t celebrate anything.

but I’d like to take a minute to tell you I hope you have  great Holiday. Or at least a great break. Everyone deserves some joy.

Me I’m going to California to see my fiancé. Jealous? My family is. To tell you the truth I’m a little sad I won’t open Christmas presents or Santa presents with my sister on Christmas morning. Or go to the candle light service at my church Christmas eve.

But I will get to celebrate with Thomas and that makes me happy. I’ve truly missed him.

What are some holiday traditions you have with your family? Any you’d like to share. Maybe I can start them for my own growing family. Or someone else could start them for their family.

We do a Christmas eve service at church. And Christmas even we open new Christmas pajamas. We also do a big white elephant exchange for our big Christmas party with the whole family. (Usually it’s Christmas eve but since I wasn’t going to be there we moved it 3 days early).

Talk later,



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