Dungeons and Dragons


I’m visiting friends and this is what they do. Thank goodness for another wife to give me company.

I have to be honest these guys have some amazing stories to go along with this game.

“Oh no no no no why are you here in my territory?”

“Wait a minute we were just walking through when YOU attacked us.”

I’m not sure what they are talking about but I still can’t help but laugh. Do any of you play this game or have spouses that play?

Can anyone relate to me and not understand?

Honeatly the best part of them being distracted by this game gives me time to blog, read, do work, or anything else. It keeps the guys out of my hair for a short while.

I know most of this blog was me rambling but I had to get out my thoughts from the last few hours. It ismy much.

I haven’t blogged in a while so I’m sorry my first blog back is this.

Talk soon,



6 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons

  1. But if they start arguing about rules…back away slowly.

    One of our players has a spouse that successfully got into the game, and honestly she’s more frightening than the men when it comes to bloodthirsty battles. Then again we’ve had girlfriends show up to drag away their squeeze, so I suppose it’s different for everyone.


    • marenasblog94 says:

      Haha I made my fiancé very mad because to get what I wanted I had to kill someone but that person was holding him and it killed him too. I made the one go below HP whIle he was already below and only had one more save if he rolled correctly. They all love me playing but I think he’s a little upset I beat him at his game.


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