Live from San Diego

Many of you may know I’m in San Diego right now visiting my fiance.  I have been deciding what to do and it feels like there is just so much it’s overwhelming. There are the beaches, museums, parks, and much much more. Do any  of you have suggestions?

Every morning I get up to watch the sunrise from my gorgeous apartment on the top floor. I drink a warm cup of tea and I just think of how my day will go. The problem is my day usually doesn’t go the way I imagined. I usually end up staying in bed way longer than I should or I just get too lazy and do n’t go anywhere. Then by the time I’m ready to go out it’s 5pm and the sun is going down.

I’m here 9 more days and I need to start forcing myself to go out. The other problem I have is not wanting to go alone. Thomas is busy every other day so when I’m alone I just don’t want to do anything. I mean honestly who wants to go anywhere alone?

I am hoping someone can give me ideas on things to do that are fun alone and things to do that are fun as a couple. HELP?

Today was another simple short blog but I promise as time goes on I”ll have much more to say.

If any of you have suggestions on what I should write about feel free to let me know. I’d always love to write what youn guys most want to hear!

Talk soon,



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