Dungeons & Dragons Part 2

So I played D&D and had a blast. I was bummed to realize if I want to play I have to play over skype till September. But that’s hard. And when I come in September our DM will be gone. (This military life makes this hard).

The point is I tried and had a blast. I made the character just like me but she was more intense and took more chances than me. I killed my fiancé in the game and I’m not sure he wants to play the game with me again. 🙂 Suck to be him. Hopefully his new character won’t die at my hand. If it does I’m sure

To all you ladies (or gentlemen) who haven’t tried but your significant other plays I suggest trying. It’s worth it at least one time. But beware the game can take an hour or even 3 depending on how the DM runs it and how everyone plays.

Talk soon,



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