Crying Onion

You know when you cut an onion people say you cry?

I’ve never had that experience. However I my eyes burn so bad.

Do any of you have special tricks to help while you cut onions?

Tonight my father made chili and that included dicing onions. I love my dad’s chili. It’s probably the only thing of his he doesn’t burn.

I remember a few years back when my dad burnt green been casserole right before we were heading to a neighborhood cookout. It was just my sister, my dad, and I. My mom was away for work. All my dad had to do was pull it out of the oven when the buzzer went off. To this day I don’t remember why he never pulled it out. (This is a story we still bring up from time to time).

Man I miss livingat home sometimes just for the stories. Then again I’m now creating my own stories. That’s just as great!

Share some of your stories!

Talk soon,



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