D&D leads to Greek Mythology

So a few weeks ago I played D&D. That’s Dungeons and Dragons for any of you non gaming people who may be thinking “What the hell is D&D”?

Anyways back to what I started this post for. I played D&D and actually fell in love with the game. I was so disipointed that we didn’t get me playing sooner because now I’m back home and want to play. I could try to find a new group here but I don’t think it’d be the same (plus everyone plays a game just a little different. And no one could replace my DM). I think I’ll have to play over skype once in a while. 🙂

Alright some of you may be wondering how this game could lead to Greek mythology. Well it doesn’t really for most people. For me I thought of the gods some characters pray to and draw strength from.

I recognized most gods my DM told me about and some I just assume are made up. I don’t really know though because I’ve never really studied greek mythology. D&D has made me think about reading more about greek mythology or even take a class. I want to know who all the gods are, what they represent, the legends, and anything else that comes with greek mythology.

This is how D&D lead me to Greek mythology.

Once I got to Greek mythology it lead me to believe not enough schools are teaching enough about greek mythology. My school had us read The Odyssey and that’s as far as I could get to greek mythology in high school.

Well I guess that wraps up my thought to this.

Talk soon,



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