Brawling Bedtime Baby


So this precious girl here is the child I nanny twice a week at night.
Tonight she has decided she doesn’t need sleep. She laughs and giggles like it’s not 11pm but 11am.

So we go lay in her mom’s bed and watch baby Einstein. When she gets tired she will crawl over me get her bottle and fall asleep. This sort of reminds me if a dog that sleeps at the foot of the bed. Reason being is she’ll crawl over me and sleep at my knees.

I know as well as most of you that it really isn’t safe to sleep with a baby. (Everyone has their own opinion. I won’t judge or try to change your mind on this subject). So I take precautions. I stay awake until she is fully asleep. Then I move her so we sleep at a T but off center since she is at my knees. I will then put a blanket between us for extra protection. I put it high enough that if I roll over it stops me from going all the way over. (I tested it to find the perfect height). Then I roll on my stomach and go to bed. (I usually wake up to roll over when on my stomach. Actually most people do). Oh and she loves being naked mostly. (Is that normal)?

The problem though isn’t the  sleeping arrangements. It’s getting her back to bed. I swear she is the hardest child I’ve ever watched when it comes to going back to sleep.

I found it’s better to turn on a show and let her crash when it happens. Sometimes she’ll take a warm bottle. Other times you just have to let her scream. (Those nights suck).

What do you do with little ones?

Talk soon,


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