Just a Little About Me!

I’ve officially gotten to 30 blog posts and I’m very excited for that. So I decided I should help you get to know me better. This post is will give you an insight on what I like and don’t like along with some interesting facts.

By the end of this you’ll either think I’m crazy, weird, different, or all of these. But there is an off chance you’ll think I’m cool and interesting. I’m hoping for the better of the two. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s start of with 5 things I love the most.
1. I LOVE reading. It’s become my passion.
2. Criminal Minds is in my top 5 favorite shows.
*Have you ever tried to think of things you love? I’m only two in and I’m already struggling. So I asked my sister. She knows me better than I do. At least that’s what it feels like.
3. I love to travel. I’ve been to 3 countries out of the USA and to 26 states.
4. My favorite thing to eat is steak with mashed potatoes. Mainly just the steak.
5. And last but not least my family and fiancé hold more of my love than anything or anyone.

Have you ever noticed when you need/ want to make a list of things you love it becomes a struggle? It’s like you have a blank.

5 things I hate. (I don’t usually say hate but there are a few things I actually hate).
1. I hate cheese. (But artificial cheese in Mac N. Cheese I can stand).
2. Resturant Impossible and Hotel Impossible are disgusting. It makes me want to throw up.
3. When big dogs put their front paws on my chest when I’m standing. (It terrifies me).
4. I hate spiders. I once found a nest of black widow spiders in my bed at a camp I worked at. I found them when I went to make my bed at the beginning of summer.
5. I hate the smell of a wet animal.

I’m not sure if things you hate is an easier list for you to wrote or not but I was able to write the first 4 immediately. The last wasn’t hard but it wasn’t something that came immediately.

Well those or 5 things I love and hate. I’d also like to share a few facts that may or may not be interesting. That’s up to you to decide.

1. I’m 5ft tall. Technically I’m a little shorter but it’s what my license says so I go by it.
2. I’ve had roughly 26 surgeries.
3. I have pulmonary stenosis. It’s a heart condition.
4. My fiancé and I have been together 5 years and 4 months and we’re  getting married the day after our 6 year dating anniversary.
5. I have 4 fingers on both hands.



Well I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me! Comment one interesting fact about yourself! I love learning new things about others.

Talk soon,


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