Martin Luther King Jr.

Tomorrow we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. In commemoration to him let’s take a quiz. See how much you know about this great man!
Answer using your own knowledge. It’s not a quiz if you just Google all the answers.
Comment with your answer.

1. What is Martin Luther King Jr. known for?

2. What is his most famous speach?

3. What is Martin Luther King Jr. wife name?

4. How many children do they have?

5. When was Martin Luther King Jr assasinated?

6. Where was he assasinated?

7. What high school did he attend?

8. What college did he attend?

9. What awards did he receive?

10. When is Martin Luther King Juniors birthday?

I hope this quiz helped you learn something new. I also hope this helps you remember all that he did for this country.

Talk soon,

P.s. If you answer incorrectly that’s okay. If anyone tries to make another person feel bad for answering incorrectly I will delete those comments. I take pride in a friendly community. And this is a blogging community.


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