5 Things to Love About Yourself

Today alone I found myself hating 5 different things that had to do with me. And every time I got frustrated someone would remind me I’m wrong or I would realize I’m being crazy. So here are 5 things I feel everyone should always love about themselves.

1. Your smile. No matter what your smile looks like it’s what makes you special in some way. A smile is like a finger print.

2. Your weight. I am the first one to say I get very self concious of my weight. I complain, get mad, sad, and even cry. But truthfully I’m beautiful and so are you. If you feel you need to lose weight then work on it. It’s no one else’s choice. But no matter what your weight shouldn’t define who you are.

3. Your education. Don’t feel bad about what your studied or are studying in college. That includes if you didn’t go to college. Be anything you want. You’re aiming for a career not a job. Something you enjoy not just something to do.

4. Your lifestyle. I don’t care if your gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or even a fish. Be who you want to be and stick up for who you are.  But that also means to encourage people in their own ways as well. And ignore those who hate. What do people say? Haters gunna hate?

5. Your appearance. Granted I believe everyone should look presentable I know that doesn’t always happen. So be proud and confident in how you look. Clothing, deformities, hair color, anything else you can think of. If it’s how you look or how you like to dress then go for it. Don’t let other people’s judgments affect you.

These 5 things are that always cause me to be self concious or make me hate about myself. However over time I’ve found I really shouldn’t care. I know I’m beautiful and I may have problems to fix but so do everyone else. It doesn’t stop me from getting upset but at the end or the day I know those things don’t matter. The people who love and care for me will help build my confidence and make me feel beautiful not tear me down. So I shouldn’t do that to myself and neither should you.

Talk soon,



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