Just a Dash of Popsicle!

I love smoothies they are an addiction but I get disappointed if they don’t turn out as well as I want. That includes if they are too cold.

So here is my yummy smoothy recipe. And how I make it perfect. I hope you enjoy!

BluePeach Twist


I forgot to put milk in the picture.

*First put in 3 peaches. I like to use fresh but frozen also work.
*Second put in half the cup of blueberry yogurt. I use Yoplait light. But use what you prefer. (I can’t say they will work better or not)
*Third use half a cherry popsicle. (This is the twist. Be sure to put the other half of the popsicle back in the freezer so it doesn’t melt)
*Fourth add a dash of milk. (If you there is too much then the flavors get lost)

No blend these up. Make sure you don’t hear a crunching sound.

Side note: If you decide to use fresh fruit I suggest 3 or 4 ice cubes or even ice cream. This way it firms up and stays cold. I partly use frozen fruit so I don’t have to use anything else.

After the first bled be sure to shake it a little. This way everything is moved around.

Side note: Everytime I say to shake it I think of “Keep it sexy” if any of you have seen the tipsybartender you’ll get the reference. It’s a YouTube channel all about making alcoholic drinks.

Now that we’re done blending you’ll put in the other half of your yogurt and popsicle. You’ll also had in 2 more peaches.

Blend it up one last time. Don’t forget to stop after the crunching. This will ensure your smoothy is smooth.

Shake it one more time to make sure it’s mixed. Then poor and enjoy!

*I didn’t wait long enough so I had a few lumps.

Personal Preference
I don’t add any extra sugar than what’s in the original ingredients. However add more sugar to fit your taste. Or less by only using half the popsicle.
If you decide to skip the popsicle all together that’s fine it’ll just be a BluePeach smoothy.

If you try this smoothy out let me know what you think.

Enjoy! I know I am!


Talk soon,

P.S. My photo doesn’t do it justice but the color is a light pink . Very pretty.


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