Miss Universe

Have any of you watched a Miss Universe Pagent before? I’ve always watched Miss Michigan (where I’m from) and Miss USA. But I just never get around to watching Miss Universe.

Well today I finally watched Miss Universe. It was so much fun. I loved getting to know each person just a little bit.

Miss Columbia is our Miss Universe. AR first I was all for Miss Jamaica but by the end I changed my mind. I had Miss Columbia as 1st Miss Jamaica answer 2nd. I feel like most people out there are like “Come on your America you should be cheering for USA.” I want those people to know I am very proud of the woman who represents the USA she did a fabulous job at getting to 2nd place in a would wide compatition.

However I didn’t think she was the right fit. Sometimes you just know if someone isn’t perfect. It happens. But to make it as far as she did is amazing. I could never do it I give her props.

Part of me felt Columbia needed to win because her answers were close to perfect in my eyes. Not only that but her personal life shined like a shooting star.  But most importantly I loved that she was a twig where I pretty much only saw ribs and tits. She is busty but in her swimsuit she had a little pouch. To me it showed she didn’t need to be perfect. Because non of us are. I also loved that her dress made her look classy. All the ladies looked beautiful but I didn’t necessarily think all their dresses looked as elegant and made them look as class as a Miss Universe should.

Anyways it was an amazing turn out this year and I may need to watch more often. I’m not always a fan of beauty pagents but sometimes when the right person wins I’m happy.

Talk soon,


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