Have you ever been to store found beautiful art but it’s way to expensive?

Well I have and I HATE it. So I decided I’d make my own art.

All you have to do is get paint (I prefer acrylic), canvases, brushes, and don’t forget the inspiration.

For inspiration look online, pintrest, stores. Find a picture and make the art your own. It’s okay to copy as long as you make it your own. I do suggest making an outline on your canvas.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. I found painting is relaxing. Even if it turns out looking awful.

My next suggesting is if your painting comes out not how you’d like paint over it. Make a pretty grey or black and cover the canvas. After it dries it’s easy enough to paint over again. It’s alright to mess up.

Her was my art masterpiece.


It’s not amazing but it’s still pretty and I enjoy it.

My last thought to think about is to hang it up and be proud. Who cares if someone hates it? It’s only important that YOU love it

Talk soon,


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