You know everyone is talking about this winter storm. I’ve seen remarks on how the storm wasn’t as bad as predicted in done areas worse on other.

I’m here in mid Michigan just wished for lots of snow. I want to experience a blizzard of sorts. However so far we just have slippery and squishy snow. And yes the 2 inches of ice our cars in the AM.


I know last winter we had -30 degree temperatures in some areas and yes lots of snow. But I still don’t consider that a “blizzard”.

But hey maybe this “blizzard” isn’t over for us yet. Is tk much to ask for a snow day where all cars are made mandatory to stay off the roads?

Although have you ever thought of how a restaurant would fare in this sort of weather? I worked at Carrabbas for a while and I remember if power went out all managers had to stay at the restaurant over night. Since security systems would be down. But they also lost a lot of non frozen food because the refrigerated stuff warmed up to quick. But most importantly we had next to no customers so no money was being made. Lucky me I was usually the one stuck coming in because I lived the closest. So for me I made money sitting around doing close to nothing. Where others made no money at all.
Yeah restaurants probably don’t fare well at all.

But still I’m all for a blizzard and snow day enforced by a enforcement.

Talk soon,


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