My sister and I started  a television show called Supernatural. So far it’s pretty good. There are roughly 6 seasons so obviously others like the show too.

Anyways I’ve never really believed in ghosts or supernatural beings. But I’ve been wondering. What if ghosts are real? Not apperitions or some sort of haunting thing. More like a guardian angel. Someone in your life who sticks around and looks after you.

There are moments in my life where I feel someone is watching over me. Or I feel comforted when I’m upset. I feel like God gives us our own little angel. I used to describe them as elves to Santa. God has his own little helpers.

A part of me hopes that is true. It’s a nice thought to think family and friends who are gone are still close. Not just in my heart. I think we as humans need that comfort every once in a while.

Talk soon,


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