Adventure in Missions


(My first sight after leaving the airport and city around the airport in the Dominican Republic.)

I love mission trips.
I love sharing my faith and helping others. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I of all people can impact someones life. For good or bad. I chose to influence them in a good way.

The dissipointing thing for me is mission trips are expensive. I just can’t financially afford trips the way I wish I could. When I was in high school it was easy. I could rely on my parents and I was going with my youth group. Groups are always cheaper.

I know that I can create my own mission trip in my backyard. Share my faith for free with the people around me. But my hope is I’m already doing that every day. I like helping more than just the area I live in. I like the language barrier it’s hard to cross but I like being able to overcome it. I guess I just like having more challenges when it comes to sharing my faith. (Is that a weird statement?)

I’ve been on 3 mission trips. Intercity Chicago, Dominican Republic, and Blue ridge mountains North Carolina. I can’t forget my hometown of Coldwater, Michigan and obviously my college town of Lansing, Michigan. I feel good about what I’ve done so far but I’m ready for more.


This is a sweet girl I met in the Dominican Republic. (Nothing like using tons of sun screen and still burning.)

My tip for any of you who want to do a mission trip. Use World Vision – Adventure in Missions. They are an amazing company and I haven’t had problems yet.

Just be aware that I’ve only found the shortest trip being a month long. Except for youth group mission trips. So be aware you adults there is a lot of time you need to put into it.

My favor to ask of you is to tell me if you know of any companies who do a week or two week long trips for adults (especially for college age students.)

I also ask you’ll share if you’ve been on mission trips before. I’ll make another blog post later sharing my favorite memories!

Talk soon,


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