My First Time

I know you’re probably thinking I’m about to tell you the first time I had sex our something. But that isn’t the case. Sorry of I dissipointed anyone.

I’m actually going to tell you about my first Mission trip experience. It was eye opening.

Chicago, Illinois summer of 2008. Right before I went into 8th grade. I feel like I was much older but I guess I was just mature and more grown up than I should have been.


Anyways. We were working inter city Chicago. We worked in a great shelter. They do so much more for the city than just feed and give beds to people who stay in the shelter. Once a week they fill a huge semi with food and take it to an area of town where everything is very run down.

The leader of the group split us up into teams. We had to stick together and walk the area. The goal was to let everyone know we had good to give out and where to go.
I remember my was in one group thinking I was in a group with our pastor. But I wasnt. I remember that my group was late getting back. And I hear my mom was in a panicked state. She was really worried. Makes sense since I’m her oldest. When I got back I don’t think she left my side for another few hours.

It was amazing to see how money people came to get food with their families. It was my first REAL eye opener to see how many needed food. What surprised me most was how many children came for food. Some told me they had to hide their food from their family. One little boy told me it was because his dad told him it was better to starve than to ask for charity. It made my heart break.
But what made me happiest is he sneaks a little home every day just so his younger brother could get a little extra to eat.

I didn’t do a lot 9f different things while I was in Chicago but every day I met someone new who needed help some needed tons and other just needed a little. But none the less they all needed something.

The one good thing that kept them alike was they all believed there is a God. Some more than others but it connected them.

I want to say much more but I don’t want to rush my stories/memories of my times here in these places.

Talk soon,

P.S. Do me a favor and look up something for me.


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