Beauty Queen

At first I hated the idea of beauty contests. Honestly I still mostly do.

I don’t feel beauty contests should be based solely on beauty. Beauty comes in all forms.
I worry that girls these days worry too much on outside beauty. Why is it so great to worry about outside apearences and not inside? I wish someone would honestly answer that question.

I believe everyone should focus more on intelligence and morality. The only thing that will truly get a person far in life is intelligence. Looks fade. At least that’s what I was always taught.


This is a great friend of mine. I believe she is very beautiful but I also believe she is very smart. I’m not sure what made her win this Pagent but my hope is that she was the whole package.

Our hometown runs a scholarship beauty contest. The Tip Up Beauty Pagent is my favorite. Not only do the give out beauty awards but they give out academic awards. Now Kt didn’t win that Pagent but that’s okay. The young lady who did also had the total package. She is an amazing academic student, very beautiful, and the best is she isn’t a twig.

When watching most pagents I find the girls look like twigs off a dying tree. You can see that too right? Dying trees are just not beautiful. So what makes a girl believe it is. I think it’s our society.
A nice thought is that more and more I feel society is changing.

Good job society!


This is me. I’m not overly beautiful, skiny, or snart. But I’m still amazing right?
The answer should always be yes. I should jump to say yes and so should everyone else. But we don’t and that isn’t good. My hope is one day no one is judged by looks, race, religion, gender, or anything else.

This will only happen if we all start to stick  up for our own beauty and stick up for each others beauty.

So let me start.


All it takes is reminding yourself once a day and finding one new person a day and remind them.

Talk soon,

P.S. I want to share a congrats and great job to my friend Kt. And to the young lady who won Tip Up. I mentioned both of you and you both deserve recognition.


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