I hate when people are hard on others
Especially if it has to do with a tattoo.

I personally have two. The answer is always YES. Yes I may come to regret my tattoo. But I could also regret changing my mind on a final test in college. Or regret telling a secret.
So yes some day I may regret my tattoos. However I choose not worry about that happening. I personally do lots of searching on tattoos, my reasons, where I’ll get it (on my body and who does it.) I also know not everyone is as thorough as I am.
One of tattoos is the date my fiancé and I started dating. I went so far in research as to find the perfect cover up tattoo in case we don’t work out or he dies. Again I store it away and choose not to fret over something that may never happen.


No I may not agree with every tattoo someone gets or where they get it but who am I to judge? They can think the same of me. My answer to others is if you don’t like tattoos then don’t get them. If you don’t like a placement or style of a tattoo don’t get it.
For example I’m not a fan of sleeves. I dont even prefer any tattoo on arms. I worry it’d be harxer to get jobs in certian places with sn arm tattoo. You can expect I won’t get one on my arms. My fiancé does however have a tattoo on his arm and it’s perfect for him.

The reason why I’m making this post is because I saw a post about “Moms without tattoos have children with futures.” It’s a little frustrating that someone could be that rude. I don’t feel tattoos have anything to do with parenting. My fiancé’s mother has tattoos and he turned out to be amazing. In all reality I think he has surpassed her in some ways. My mother does not have tattoos but I also think I have surpassed her in some ways as well.

Both of our parents raised us very different but very similar. Both parents taught us not to judge, to love with all our heart, stand proud, and stand up for others. Those are just a few things. Honestly those are probably the most important things our parents taught us. With those lessons Thomas and I have grown into what I believe great people. Thomas is successful in his navy career and I am working on a nursing degree.

I hope all of you choose to make your own decisions.

Talk soon,


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