Reverse Bucket List

Everyone always writes about their bucket list. Things they want and hope to do. You havent done them so what is there to talk about?
So when I saw someone else write about a reverse bucket list I thought it was great. Here is my Reverse Bucket List!

Go on a mission trip!
In 2008 I went on my very first Mission trip. I went to The Pacific Garden Missions in Chicago, Illinois. I spent my days sharing my faith with 50 to 100 new people a day.


Go to the Grand Canyon/Vegas!
The summer before my freshman year my family took a trip to the Grand Canyon and Vegas. It was so cool. I never felt so small. Everything there was so big. I’m a short girl so I really felt small. 🙂 When in Vegas I never expected to see so many colors and have everything be so fast paced.


(Isn’t he a cutie?)

Cali girl!
I’m not a California girl but I definitely love pretending I am one every time I visit. 🙂 I fit in pretty well too. However what I really love about California is I could be in one city for 5 days and still not have seen everything. That’s pretty amazing to me. I also love the ocean so that’s a perk!


Mission trip ×2!
Mission trips are always amazing experiences for me. Nothings beats the first Mission trip in the states (Chicago). Or out of the states. The Dominican Republic was my first out of country mission trip. I spent the week teaching children all about God in a vacation bible school. It was amazing to see the children light up. At first I thought they all came because they wanted the lunch we handed out.  I soon found that yes they wanted lunch but they also wanted to play and learn about God. I don’t think I was ever that excited to learn about God.


(I’m so burnt.)

As a freshman in college I was given the opportunity to visit my now fiancé in Japan. It was my first really big trip to take without my parents. I didn’t even have my fiancé until I was in Fukuoka, Japan. I had to learn my way through 4 different airports on my own. I’m still not sure I understand everything. 🙂 What I did learn is I need to book flights from now on. Once in Japan I had to go back through security, get my passport checked, explain why I was there, fill out papers, re go through metal detectors and screening. Oh and don’t forget travel across the airport. Thomas gave me 5 minutes from the time my flight was to land to my next flight taking off. I’m not sure how I made it. 🙂 So that leads me to booking flights from now on.


(This is in Sasebo, Japan.)

Get engaged!
As a little girl I always dreamed of getting engaged and getting married. But I have hand deformities and I always worried no one would love me. As I grew I found many people find me beautiful. One of them being the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with. 🙂 Thomas planned his proposal with my mom and made it everything I could wish for. Michigan State University has a rock people paint. But you have to babysit it overnight so no one paints over it. On my first birthday that’s exactly what my parents did. So that’s what Thomas did to propose. (With the help of my mom, sister, sort of sister, and my best friend.) But the thing that touched me most was my engagement ring. It’s not flashy. It had my mother’s diamond from her wedding ring and 2 sapphires my favorite stone. The reason it’s so touching is it represents me in every way and it has a little family in it as well.


(Yeah I eat my hair often. :))

Get a tattoo!
I’ve now gotten two. I always put get a tattoo on my bucket list but I’m always a baby with pain so I never expected I would actually get one. Well now I have 2! One says Life Goes On and one is the date my fiancé and I started dating. Surprisingly it wasn’t painfull. It definitely got annoying and boring. I never bleed so that’s nice as well.


Now these are only a few great things I have done on my bucket list. But they are my favorite so I shared only these. As time goes on I hope to repeat every bucket list item I did before I was 18. Like go to the Grand Canyon/Vegas and my mission trips. I want adult memories of those as well.

Share some of your favorite bucket list items you’ve already done. I’d love to hear! Maybe it’ll even give me new bucket list ideas. 🙂 You never know what someone else could inspire you to do.

Talk soon,


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