Coolest Gym in Michigan

This week the high school in the next town over received the Coolest Gym in Michigan award. Honestly I feel like there is some new award every year.
But even so isn’t that cool? I just hope the people who built and then renovated the gym were given the credit they deserve. Because honestly what did Coldwater High School actually do for the gym? And how did the students do anything? They didn’t unless they helped build and renovate the gym.

Am I crazy to think that?

Either way I do believe it’s a cool award for a city to be able to post about. You know every sign as you drive in that says “Home of Miss Michigan” or “state champions.” Those are always fun for me to read.

It may not seem like it but I’m very proud of Quincy High School. And the people who built up the gym. Congrats!

Talk soon,
P.S. Oh yeah. It’s also a great win just before you go into the Big 8 Championship
And then winning that as well. Congrats again!

Here is the MLive article on the top 10 Coolest Gyms in Michigan.


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