Last Meal

Have you ever though about what your last meal will ever be? Do you think you’ll get to choose or it’ll happen out of nowhere. I personally have never given it much thought.

A part of me hopes I can plan my last mean but realistically that wouldn’t happen. But I can dream of what it could be. Right? If I did choose I’m not even sure how I’d decide. There are so many choices.
Steak, sour cream mashed potatoes, corn, Cesar salad, brownie, and chocolate milk. Or McDonald’s chicken nuggets, fries, chocolate shake, and diet Pepsi. Don’t forget the sweet and sour sauce.
Or anything. There are so many more choices.

It makes me wonder about inmates on death row. They get a final meal. Do they get to decide what it will be? If so do they have stipulations or something? Like only food the prison can make? I mean honestly they’re the only ones who know the second they will die. It’s not like someone who is sick has an exact time.

I guess someone who commits suicide would also know when they’ll die. Do you think they plan out their own last meal? I hope not because if they have the happiness to decide on their last meal I’d hope they’d choose instead to stay here on earth. Not commit suicide.

So I think my choice would end up being that I don’t choose. I’d rather pass on without the gloom of knowing I’ll die shortly after that meal. What about you?

What would you decide?

Talk soon,


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