On the Move


When I was little I never thought I’d move more than a few hours from my parents. Now I’ll marry in just 6 months. 6 months! It’s crazy to think of. With me about to marry I finally had to think about the fact I’ll need to move. Many of you are probably saying “Marena why don’t you two stay close.” Well the answer is simple. My fiancé is in the military. I’m sure if you’ve read previous blogs you’ll already know this.

I’d go to the ends of the earth for Thomas. Id support him any way needed (you know legaly). Even if that means the relationship with my family will be a long distance one. I do this because I know if the roles were reversed he’d do the same for me. Just like I know my parents are supporting me 100% I don’t think I’d be as strong as I am if it weren’t for Thomas, my parents, and my sweet sister. I also have to give credit to the rest of my family and his as well. It’s great to have a support team cheering our relationship on.

At first I planned to stay here and get a degree in nursing but I soon found out nursing wasn’t the right plan. So after careful consideration, talks with my parents, Thomas, and God I came to a very hard decision. I decided I was going to finish my phlebotomy course this summer and fall and a few other classes that will help along the way. Then in December after fall semester ends I’ll be moving from my little hometown in Michigan to big city San Diego, California. All for my soon to be husband  (we’ll be 3 months married at that point).

Then about 9 or 10 months later (we won’t be delivering a baby) but we will be seeing about being stationed in Europe. That will officially be the biggest move of my life at that point. But one I’m nervous and excited for. That’s as far as I’ve thought about. But nothing more than now till December is officially planned.

What’s the biggest move you’ve ever made?

Talk soon,


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