Challenge Day 1

Today is to post a photo of me right now and describe my day.


Today has been a slow day. Every Tuesday my mom comes to visit and stays the night. So this morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. It’s not normal for me to go to IHOP so I was pretty excited. I had poached eggs and cornbeef hash. FYI IHOP poached eggs were pretty gross. I really just wanted cornbeef hash. It’s my favorite.
I went shopping for a Britta water filter. I really just wanted a pitcher so I could have cold water more often. But my water at my apartment could use some filtering so I think it’s a good idea. Do you guys have water filters?
After this my mom went home and I all I did was take a nap, do laundry, and do dishes. Although as I’m sitting here I realize I forgot to take out the garbage.
I bet you’re wondering why I wouldn’t get up an take care of it. Well it’s because I’m now at work as a nanny. The kids are napping so I figured I’d start my 30 day blog challenge now.
I just hope the rest of the day goes smooth. All that is left is dinner with the girls, bathtime and a movie. Then I’ll be driving an hour home to my parents house.
I recently decided to get a weekend job down in my hometown so when I move back I can pick up more hours there. Plus it’s more family time. So tomorrow morning I’ll be dropping off my application.

Oh I almost forgot that I filled out my application for a new job today.

Well don’t forget if you do the challenge let me know I’ll follow along with you!

Talk soon,


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