Challenge Day 3

Today’s challenge is to post about my favorite store.

My favorite store is Platos Closet. It’s a consignment store. They buy and sell new and gently used clothing. I love it. I find tons of things much cheaper than I would at the name brand store.


However they really don’t pay all that much for the things they purchase. But then again they need to make a profit off it too. So I guess it works.

I love going right as the season starts. In the spring I find tons of maxi dressed and in the fall I gets lots of jeams. Unfortunately for me I try on 50 things and usually just go home with a few items at a time.

This is a great place for a high school or college student. I don’t really enjoy going to goodwill but platos is basically the same. I just don’t feel so strange going.
I know there isn’t much of a difference but it makes me feel better. Dumb? I’m not sure yet.

So go check a platos closet. I believe there are like 250 stores all over the US.

Talk soon,
P.S. It’s great for men as well!


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