Challenge Day 9

Th odays challenge is to post a photo of my last purchase.

Do you remember on challenge day 3 when I posted about my favorite store?
Well the last thing I baught was from Platos Closet (my favorite store) and that was yesterday.

I baught 3 new jumpers. I’ve tried every year to find cute jumpers that fit and I ways struggle. But I’ve officially found 3 this year so I’m happy.

This year I’ve given myself 9 month to lose 10 to 20 pounds. I’ve already lost 5. With losing weight I get to buy cloths that fit better. The other reason I’m losing weight is for my wedding and because at some point I’ll be moving to California to meet up with my fiancé  (well he’ll be my husband then.) I want to be healthy and look fantastic in my wedding dress.
California is known to be healthier and what not. I want to fit in not look like a fatty from Michigan.

So here are my 3 jumpers!


Talk soon,


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