Courtesy of my father. One day my sister and her friends were joking with my dad and kept saying JK dad JK. So he being his eccentric self decided to make his own acronym.

My dad has been using JJA for at least a year. It’s become a common thing to say in his everyday life. Well everyday life with family. He won’t use it in a work setting. At least not till JJA becomes as common as JK.

Because he wouldn’t use it in public my mom decided to play a joke. My mother teaches drivers ed and one week she had an adult driver who wanted to practice. This woman Lso went to our church. My mom convinced her to use JJA at church to my father. So for a few minutes she followed my dad around and constantly used JJA when appropriate.
My dad came home really creeped out but also excited others use JJA. Then he found out it was a joke. He wasn’t excited but we sure had a great laugh. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed a laugh. But do please let me know if you start using JJA my dad will be do excited. 🙂

Talk soon,


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