Challenge Day 13

Today’s challenge is to share about my favorite musician and why.

That’s hard because I’m awful At knowing who sings what. I’ve waited till 10pm to figure out what to say. I’m struggling.

Here is me trying. Sorry if it’s not as good as it could be.

I love country music. I prefer not the drinking and sad songs. But those can be catchy. I love Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith.
I grew up on dDon’t Take the Girl by Tim McGraw. It was something my mom and I listened to many times. Country is my favorite because I can usually understand what’s being said and often times I can relate. But mostly because of my momma loving Tim McGraw and Faith Hill so much.

I also love Christian music. I grew up in a very faith filled life and love being able to worship with music. No matter the mood I was in a song could touch me so deeply and it’s as if I transport to a better place. As if I’m dancing in heaven safe and sound in arms of love. My parents helped me grow into my faith but with God I’ve let my faith blossom. I love Hillsong, Skillet (I’m surprised at this…. I actually saw them the first time with my now fiancé before we started dating.) I love Casting Crowns, Brothatone, Seventh Day Slumber, Jamie Grace, Mercy Me, Toby Mac. I could go on for days. In all reality Christian music is my true number 1.

Obviously there are many other artists I enjoy like Eminem, John Legend, Imagine Dragon, Taylor Swift. I honestly love most everything I listen too. I just prefer not to listen to over repetitive and screaming music (screaming music bothers me it’s why I was surprised I enjoy Skillet.)

My absolute favorite song is Hero Heroine by Boys Like Girls. This is my song with my fiancé Thomas. Sometimes he’ll even sing it to me. He told me I’m his drug of choice then a few days later told me all about this song. I instantly fell in love with this song.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge post!

Talk soon,

P.S Are any of you doing the challenge? Don’t forget to let me know if you do. I’d love to see your challenge. Who knows maybe we’ll find common interests. I can’t ever say no to a new friend. 🙂
If you want the list for the challenge look back a few posts and find the one that says 30 Day Blog Challenge. Or something like that.


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