Challenge Day 16

Today’s challenge is to share a picture om my family and I.


This is my family. The only man in the photo is my father Russ. To the right of him is me. To left (in the purple) is my sister Sara. The person left of her is my mom Tasha.

I’m not sure what I’d do without them. My parents have raised me into an amazing young woman and my sister is my best friend. The 4 of us have been through think and thin. I appreciate all they have done for me.

My sister is turning 15 in May and I’m so shocked at how much time has passed since she was born. I miss her adorable little baby self. But I’m in love with the teenage girl she has become. I know she will be an amazing and gorgeous woman one day. She on the right path. My sister would like to be a

My mom is 6 months younger than my father. I laugh so much because in May my mom will joke that he is so old and she is so young. Then in November they are both so young. My mom and I have a very close relationship and I love it. I’m always surprised when other women say they have no real relationship with their mom. My mom is the one who helps me understand and learn from my mistakes. She is also the one who helps me with many problems.

My father is amazing. I don’t say that often enough. My sister is my best friend and my mom is who I confide in. My father on the other hand is who teaches me things that I wouldn’t have expected to learn. Many times he’ll inadvertently teach me things and they are always lessons I need to learn at certain moments. I share secrets with my father often but he always makes himself available when I need him. Most recently he came to bat when I was emotional of difficulties I was having with my hands.

Most importantly my family never let’s me feel inadequate. I feel that often people try to do things for me or tear me down. My family is the ONLY one who don’t let me give up before I try. They never let me use my hands as an excuse until I truly try.

Thank you family!

Talk soon,
Bonus photos!





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