Challenge Day 20

Today’s blog challenge is to share the reason behind my blog.

When I first started I actually titled it The Nanny Life. I wanted to write all about my life as a nanny. I stopped writing often because I couldn’t find new and interesting topics. Then I stopped being a nanny all together. It’s why if you look back there is a big gap from the beginning of October to the end of November. (Or something like that.)

I loved writing and I found I had much more to talk about if I didn’t focus on nannying. So I decided to write about my life and life in general. I figured I’d talk about my daily life, working (I did still babysit often), wedding planning, Military Life, and much more. Then I would add on my travels photography and married life. Basically all things life.
Hence Living Life.

I found I also have followers now that I’ve changed my blog title and writing. Instead of 5 post and myself as a follower and then getting stuck. I now how 26 followers (Including myself. Is it weird I follow myself?) and almost 90 posts.

I’m so proud of myself and this blog.

Talk soon,


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