Challenge Day 22

Today’s challenge is to bullet my whole day. Hope it’s fun. Probably won’t be.

•Woke Up
•Got around for my day
•Drove with my mom to my hometown to pick up My car
•Drove to Lansing for class
•Went to Psychology 200
•Came home took a nap
•Planned my April Fools day prank for my best friend
•Baught my stuff for the prank
•Set up my prank
•Played my prank out
•Colored easter eggs
•Ate dinner
•Went to my math class
☆Caughed a LOT
•Now it’s time for this sick person to sleep

♡Prank 1: Spider drawn on toilet paper. I don’t think she noticed
♡Prank 2: Taped party poppers to my door. Had my mom call her saying I got my hair stuck in the knobes for the dryer. Then she rushes over opens the door then…. POP! And confetti.


And secretly she’ll have one more tomorrow. I didn’t have time today because I realized I wanted to do a prank 30 minutes before she got home. I’ll share tomorrow. 🙂

Talk soon,


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