Challenge Day 23

I had a very eventful day and forgot to post this challenge. It’s 12:05 am the next day. I’m close enough right?

Today’s (or really yesterday’s) challenge is to post 20 facts about myself.

1. My birthday is December 5,1994 however I should have been born on the 25th!

2. I spent a lot of my first year or 2 of life in the hospital off and on due to my health.

3. I’ve had 28 surgeries. (And maybe a heart surgery some day.)

4. I have 1 sister. I’m older.

5. My parents are still married almost 21 years later.

6. I’m getting married September 6,2015. We started dating September 5,2009.

7. I’m an avid reader. I can read a 600 page book in 2 to 3 hours. I’ve read over 1000 in the last year alone.

8. I LOVE to cook. I love trying new things. (Send me your favorite recipes I’ll try to make it.)

9. I LOVE photography. I taught myself all that I know.

10. I’m awful At remembering names.

11. I’ve worked in child care 10 years.

12. I’m not fantastic in school but I’m proficient.

13. I am emotional. Not just happy and sad it’s the WHOLE spectrum.

14. I have a hard time trusting. So if I trust you then I really care about you. Only 5 people have my absolute trust. My parents, sister, fiancé, and my best friend Omiri.

15. If I could save everyone from everyting I would. Since I can’t I do my best at trying to.

16. I love when someone asks me for advice. It makes me feel needed.

17. One day I hope to go to Ireland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Paris. (Everywhere honestly.)

18. I’m afraid of hights. If I’m taller than myself high I panic. It’s very hard for to make it higher than myself. If I do then it’s usually for just a short time.

19. I love practical jokes unless it potentially ruins something or could ruin it.

20. I want to be pregnant 2 times in my life. (If I end up with 6 kids then so be it. But if I only have two I’ll still be very very happy.

So here is my in 20 facts.

Talk soon,


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