Challenge Day 24

Today’s challenge is to share what’s in my purse.
I hate these challenges. I don’t really carry a purse. It’s just a wallet.

In my wallet I have my ID obviously it’s most important. I have my debit card and a credit card. My library card. (Yes I have a library card. It’s very well used. You’ll understand if you read yesterday’s challenge.) I have a Soapy Joe’s card, it’s a car wash place in my area. I also have a gas card for speedway.

Hmm what else do I have?

I have 2 gift cards. 1 for Meijer 1 for Walmart.
I have a Rite Aid wellness card.
A prescription card for meds.
I have my school ID and work ID.
Not 1 but 2 NCG Cinema club cards.
Most importantly a hairtie and 2 Bobby pins.

If I do carry an actual purse I add in a small pouch with touch up makeup for whatever I’m wearing that day and usually a few more hairties and Bobby pins. I also have a few pens and a small note pad. A package of tissues.

And a charger for my phone. If it’s not the actual cord I use a battery pack it’s a small charger that charges my battery without plugging it in to my car or a wall plug. It’s easy on the go stuff.

Oh and sometimes I have meds in there if I’m sick.

Talk soon,


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