Who is she?

Who is she?
What’s her worth?
Why do I care who she is?

She is Marena Hickey.
She is worth more than money. More than words.
You don’t care who she is. But someone does.

Marena Hickey is a beautiful young woman. She has more love in her than she even realizes. She may not be worth to many people but there are a few out their who she means the world to.

Marena doesn’t always know how to share how much others mean to her but she does. She always hopes people realize that….

Marena may not be important right now. However she hopes to be.

Marena aspires to be a great wife and mother and to one day be a great college student and become a great career woman.

Right now all that matters is she is proud of herself. Confident. Excited for her future. And don’t forget happy about all that she has.


Who are you?

Talk soon,

P.s. sorry if this was a strange post. I just couldn’t figure out how exactly I wanted to word it. After several tries this is what I had.


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