Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!

Monday I made a very delicious dinner!

I made Chicken and Shrimp Florentine pasta.
It was fresh and light. Usually pasta dishes don’t feel light because it is carb heavy. So it was refreshing.

Here is what I used!

-4 frozen chicken tenderloins  (obviously you can use fresh.)
-1/2 a small bag of frozen shrimp (approximately 15 shrimp.)
-10 Cherry Tomatoes (cut in half.)
-Fresh basil and parsley  (half a hand full, or whatever you want.)
-1 cup baby spinach
-Spoonful of garlic (use a clove or the jar stuff.)
-Dash of salt and pepper
-1 whole lemon squeezed for juice (zest on top.)
– 2 cups penne pasta
-1 1/2 cups wine

I cooked the pasta then drained it with most the water and put it in a bowl to so it wouldn’t stick to the hot pot.
I pan cooked my chicken after defrosting it. Then threw it in the bowl the pasta.
I put the shrimp in hot boiling water for 5 minutes. Then drained it and threw it on the pan after the chicken. I just did a quick toss of it. Then put it in the bowl with chicken and pasta.
After that I threw by cut tomatoes and spinach in the very same bowl.
*This was my way of getting it together without worry of sticking to a hot pan. Do what you wish.
Then I put it all in a pan where I mixed it together really well.
This is where you’d add the wine, lemon juice and zest. Then  cook till warm and it’s mixed well.

I personally am not 21 so I can’t buy wine not even cooking wine.
So here you’re probably asking “Marena what did you do?”
The answer is simple. I panicked and searched for a recipe hoping to find it without wine (before I started cooking.)

Then I went to the store hoping maybe I could buy the cooking wine where I found out I officially couldn’t buy it.
To my luck I found my miracle.
It was a wine and hearbs seasoning packet in the seasoning isle. The directions said add water and olive oil then mix.
To my luck it turned out perfectly. So if you’re under 21 find this packet. I apologize I can’t find the packet to find the brand but the info I gave should be good enough to find. I believe it was McCormick.

Please let me know if you try making it. And give your ideas if you do anything different.


Talk soon,


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