Life of a Book Worm

I’m such a book worm.
I’ve read thousands of books and I haven’t turned back.

My wish is that everyone would read as much as I do.

Unfortunately we all don’t have that free time. I don’t even have that free time anymore. I miss my free time.

For Christmas I received a gift I’ve wanted forever yet I’ve used it one time for 20 minutes maybe. I received a reading chair. Not just any reading chair. A papason chair. I’m so happy for it.

Anyways…. My life as a book work is simple. I just read. READ! READ!

As a high school girl I loved romance. But not just any romance. I loved paranormal romance. Werewolves, vampires, witches, all things cheesy high school girls love.

Now as a grown adult I still love romance. Except now I’m probably a cheesy adult. I love western romance, old time romance, mail order bride romances, anything related to those topics.
However I’m not into erotic, 50 shades of grey books. Maybe because I’m only 20 but who knows.

I recently came to the decision that I need to sell/donate my high school library. Trust me it’s a library. I’m just having a hard time letting go. I haven’t read these books in 2 to 3 years. I’m attached. So I decided to reread any books I loved. I’m also keeping some but only certian ones.
You know the ones that can still be adult related.

So the reason I called it Life of a Book Worm is because that’s what I am. As a book worm I read a lot. And I have struggles when it comes to shedding my old book collections.

Good thing for the Nook I got my sophomore year of high school. Any books that are high school related I won’t have to delete. It means I keep most of my library. 🙂

What’s your life like as a book worm?

Talk soon,


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