Meet My Sister!

My sister is Sara! I was just 5 years old when Sara was born. She was so sweet and little. Don’t forget annoying. What baby sibling didn’t cry and fuss too much. Enough to drive your little self crazy. All because you’re not old enough to know that comes with being a big sibling.

So I’d like you to meet my sister!

Sara was born May 10, 2000

Her favorite  olors are neon green and dark purple.

Her favorite food is cranberry jello our grandmother makes.

Her favorite thing to drink is Blueberry Soda.

Her favorite dessert is brownies.

Her favorite song is Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert

Sara is in her first year of high school.

Sara plays defence on her JV soccer team.

Sara is very active in her school by being on student council and in a student travel club.

As she goes on in high school she would also like to be in national honor society and tresurer for her class council.

Along with all that she is an honors/AP student and would like to continue that through high school.

Sara is very excited to be an all around student athlete.

I can’t forget how active she is in her Christian faith.

Sara has already been on 2 mission trips and soon she’ll make it 3. Sara is also involved in her youth group and a weekly prayer group.

With Saras travel club she will be going to Costa Rica for 1 week exploring the culture and life of someone in Costa Rico.

My sister is someone I look up to even though she is younger. She sees the light when I can’t and takes care of me when I’m not sure where to go. She loves and cares for me even if she is mad at me.
My sister is my best friend.
Just as she does all this for me I do all this for her. Even though she has never told me she looks up to me I hope in some ways she does.

I’m proud to call Sara Hickey my sister and my best friend. She’s the only blood sister I will ever have. I would never want to change that.

So I would officially like to introduce you to Sara Hickey my sister!


Talk soon,

P.S. I’m sorry for my absence I’ve been extra busy with the last month of classes.


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