Memorial Day

Many people believe Memorial Day is a once a year event. One day in a year to remember fallen military. But shouldn’t you remember fallen military every day? Just like you should thank and remember non fallen military every day.

I choose to believe it’s more than a once a year thing.

The men in my life for many generations have been in the military or still are. There isn’t a day where I don’t think of the strength my family had/have or the sacrifices they have made. I’m proud of everything that have helped give me and they are still helping to give me.

I never thought I’d me a military wife one day but I will be in just 3 months. So I also want to recognize the strength the families back home have. No this isn’t about the family but they do a lot as well. Have you ever met a wife/husband  and heard how much they do to support their spouse? I find many times I’m comforting my fiancé and doing the chores he doesn’t have time to do. So I believe the spouses may need a little thanks as well. I don’t do as much as a spouse does but if it’s more than me right now then I bet they need strength as well.

So take today to thank everyone associated with the military and maybe give those spouses a hug. It’s hard on them too. They miss out on much more family time than most of you do.

Thank you military past and present. I appreciate all you do or have done.

Talk soon,


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