My Two Best Friends Are Dating.

My two best friends met through me 10 weeks ago in a Facebook post I posted. Of course they’ve heard of each other. Then they met on a rushed trip that my girl best friend had to make just to meet him. In stead of waiting 3 months till my wedding where they are maid of honor and best man.

3 days after we flew home and 6 days after they made their relationship Facebook  official they messaged me saying they loved each other and we’re getting married. They plan to get married 2 months before my wedding. Now it’s not just me who feels the way I do with this next statement. (Because this was the first thing out of someone’s mouth when I started telling them this. Mostly to see if I was being stupid and irrational.)

A small part of me feels like they are rushing to have it done before me. Like they want it first. No not they just my girl best friend. I love her but it is how she is a little bit. So I could see a small part of her doing that. Maybe not intentionally. So a part of me is a little hurt they couldn’t wait just a short time longer.

Plus she’s moving to be with him leaving me alone during the most important time of wedding things. I know I shouldn’t be hurt but there is a part of me that is. Even when they say they had no intetions of trying to be first. And I believe them but it’s still how I feel.

But honestly that really isn’t what I most am bothered about them rushing a marriage.

They met 10 weeks ago online and 1 week ago in person. I’m worried  this won’t work for them. I don’t want to see either of them fail in something like this. I love them both too much to see that.

They were both in the same place but at the same time they weren’t.
Just 2 months ago I watched her trying to rush into a marriage and babies with some other guy. A military guy as well. So a small part of me feels she just wants married and babies. And the fact both guys were military worries me. I’ve never thought she was a tag chaser. But I’ve also never thought she’d try to rush a marriage with 2 guys in less than 6 months. I was able to convince her it was a bad idea to rush a marriage with the last guy but I’m not able to convince her it’s not a good idea this time. I think it’s hard because the last guy was an asset and this guy is pretty great. But I don’t think either of these two are great enough to get engaged after 10 weeks.

He on the other hand told be just at the beginning of the year he would never marry. Plus we all know he likes his women. (He’s not a player he is actually great.) But still now he’s rushing to marry.

I love them both I guess I just worry. I don’t ever want to lose either of them or see them fail. I’m just not sure how to watch and be supportive. I feel like an awful friend because I’m just not sure how to act.

I just want to give them the best love and support that I can. Because next to my fiancé and my family they are the most important people in my life.

Hhhh help please?

Talk soon,


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