Wedding Worries!

It’s 3 months to the big day and I am a bundle of nerves. But get this none of my worries are about getting married.
I’m starting to freak because I still have no idea what I’m going to do for food or flowers and my wedding invites have yet to be purchased and sent out.

I’m awful with imagining what decorations will look like or how my hair and make up and dress and everything will come together.

I’m just nervous. What do I do? And to top it all off right when everything gets busy my maid of honor is moving away. My sister has a busy summer and the rest of my bridesmaids are young so I’m not able to count on them a ton. One good thing is I have a mom and future mother in-law who will help. But is that enough? And I still have no imagination so how do I stop worrying about that.

To me the wedding is the least important thing. The marriage is the most important. So everything in my wedding can fail and I wouldn’t care. But come on I don’t want that to happen no matter how much it wouldn’t kill me as long as I had a good marriage.

It’s just to a point where I’m freaking out and I feel like the walls are closing in and heart is trying to jump out of my chest. Is this normal? If so I’m sure happy this will only happen once. But I’m about to burst. :S

AAAHHH! ! ! ! 😨

And my sweet Thomas is great but he’s in California and I’m in Michigan so there is only so much he can do. Usually it’s trying to calm me down. Plus if he had his way it’d be a courthouse wedding.

I’m just so stressed and worried nothing will turn out right. I don’t want to waste money or have people talk about the wedding in a bad way. I hate hearing bad things about me. It’s awful to be made fun of. Nerves on full force.

Talk soon,


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