My sister is in Costa Rica right now. I messaged her this blog post and she agreed with all of this.
She’s loved seeing baby animals.


As I lay in my bed for the final time, bags packed and ready to head back to the U.S., I’m able to reflect on my experience in Costa Rica. So instead of this being a sappy post like the last one, here’s a more funny evaluation of Costa Rica. These are things I’ve heard or thought before coming here.These are also all my opinions and others may have had other experiences.

“Costa Rica must be really safe and peaceful because they don’t even have a military!”

FALSE. Barred houses with multiple gates and keys for entrance isn’t my idea of safe. It’s also ill-advised to even LOOK like a tourist. Like any big city, pick-pocketing is a problem. San Jose is just a poor big city, so to me it seems to happen more often.

“Costa Rica, you’re going to be at the beach all of the time!”

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