Name Change

In just 12 days I will no longer be Marena Hickey. No I will be Marena Wenzlick.

Truthfully I’ll always be Marena Hickey.
I was born Marena Hickey and it’s who my parents always raised me to be.
They also raised me to be a forever changing female.

I was once Marena the baby.
Marena the child.
Marena the teenager.
Marena the young woman.

Soon I’ll be Marena the wife.
Marena the mother.

I have been and will be so many more different types of Marena. Just because my last name changes doesn’t mean I’ll automatically be an exact opposite person than who I was raised to be.

I’ll still be loving, happy, influential, and many more things I haven’t exactly learned to be yet.

These are moments that I look forward to. I’m an adult but I’m so excited to see what other things my parents will teach me. I’m also excited to learn things my husband will teach me. I’m excited to be the teacher as well.

There are so many things that come with a new name. But one thing that always stays the same is who I am.

I am Marena!

Talk soon,


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