To Much at One Time

Wedding organization.
Moving organization.
Garage Sale?

Ahhhh. So much going on all in a few week time frame!

Let’s switch gears where I tell you I’m OCD. I basically have quickly moved home about a month ago with no organization.

I have a room full of semi organized wedding stuff with 2 weeks till the wedding.

I have a bedroom that looks like a tornado came through. Oh and it only has “essential” items in it. (Essential my butt. It’s a pig stye.)

I start my externship seminars 2 weeks before the wedding. The week of I start the externship portion at a doctors office.

I’m finishing up swim classes that I teach 2 weeks before the wedding. While still having “normal” job duties up to 2 days before the wedding.

And to top it all off I need to go through ALL my things and decide what is moving with me to Cali after I’m married. But I’m not moving for a few months so that’s a plus. (I get a little break before I have to pack and move.)
But while on my sort of honey moon my mother is having a garage sale. Giving me the reason I need to go through it ALL so close to the wedding.

But to top it all off I’m a little OCD (Yes just a little) so having nothing be very organized I’m going bonkers trying to find everything.

But I’ve got some great people in my life who volunteered to help me go through it all. (Except my room it’s the only job I have to do alone.) So tonight my mom, aunt, grandma, and I will be taking all things to do with me or the wedding out of our garage and sun room (enclosed patio) and putting in the front yard.
P.S. if you pass upon us I promise we’re not hoarding or crazy. Just cleaning. 🙂

Once everything is out our hope is to sort. And then to put everything back in those rooms. Just this time we hope to give me the patio for all things moving and wedding related. And all the rest is for the garage monster. Then my mom’s problem at the garage sale.
Haha mom’s problem. 🙂

I think what I’m really getting at is I’m OCD nothing is organized yet I have an amazing family to help me tame the OCD.

I don’t tell them thank you nearly as often as I should but I’m so happy to have them. And I am very thankful.

I love you guys!

Talk soon,


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